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Why Do I Need A Rodent Exclusion? The need for rodent exclusion is an imperative and straightforward answer. In your home, business, or any structure, Rodents had to come from an opening or void in that home at some point. Without that opening, they would not be present to pose an infestation, possible electrical fires from gnawing, or health hazards. Watching our Imperial Pest Prevention YouTube video above will give you a glimpse of rodents inside your home, attic, or crawlspace. Sealing openings from rodent entry is a must for protecting your home, health, and family. If

you think you may have a rodent problem and are unsure, please click this link to visit our rodent service page.

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What is a Rodent Exclusion?

Rodent exclusion, a fundamental component of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), is a strategic approach to prevent rodents from entering and inhabiting human structures. Unlike traditional pest control methods that often focus on eradicating pests after they have infested, rodent exclusion proactively addresses the root cause of infestations by eliminating entry points and attractions. This environmentally friendly and sustainable solution ensures long-term protection against rodents. Key elements of rodent exclusion include:

Identification of Entry Points:

  • A thorough property inspection is conducted to identify current and potential entry points. Rodents can squeeze through surprisingly small gaps; mice can enter through openings as small as a dime, and rats can fit through holes the size of a quarter.

Sealing and Repairing Gaps:

  • Gaps found during the inspection are sealed with rodent-proof materials. Common materials include metal mesh, hardware cloth, metal flashing, and concrete. The choice of material depends on the gap's location and size and the rodent type.

Landscaping and Yard Maintenance:

  • Proper landscaping helps deter rodents. This includes trimming tree branches away from the structure, keeping shrubs and vegetation well-maintained and away from the building's foundation, and eliminating debris or clutter that could provide nesting sites.

Eliminating Food and Water Sources:

  • Rodents are attracted to areas where food and water are readily available. Ensuring that food is stored in sealed containers, addressing leaky pipes or faucets, and keeping the area clean can significantly reduce the likelihood of a rodent infestation.

Monitoring and Maintenance:

  • Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial for ensuring the

effectiveness of the exclusion measures. This involves checking the integrity of seals and repairs, monitoring for signs of new activity, and adjusting strategies as needed to adapt to changes in rodent behavior or new vulnerabilities in the structure.

Use of Traps and Baits as Complementary Measures:

  • While exclusion focuses on prevention, the use of traps and baits can be integrated as part of the overall management strategy, especially in the initial phases to control the existing population. These methods must be used responsibly and to minimize risks to non-target species and the environment.

Education and Communication:

  • Property owners and occupants play a crucial role in the success of rodent exclusion. Educating them about best practices in sanitation, waste management, and signs of rodent activity helps maintain a rodent-free environment. Rodent exclusion is a comprehensive and proactive approach that requires a detailed understanding of rodent behavior, meticulous property assessment, and ongoing vigilance. By addressing the factors that attract rodents and securing potential entry points, rodent exclusion provides an effective and humane way to protect properties from the health risks and damages associated with rodent infestations.


    • 在您的帝王預防病蟲害合格技術人員對財產進行全面檢查並解釋了確保需要囓齒類動物排斥服務的指定地點的行動計劃後,我們將採用我們的排斥服務以及誘餌和誘捕措施

    • 囓齒動物排除服務是針對家庭和您的特定需求量身定制的,可以包括但不限於:

    • 可能的情況下,小鼠的密封口可能大於1/4“,而大鼠的密封口可能大於1/2”。通常,我們將硬件布,銅網,泡沫等組合在一起進行此操作。需要注意的是,需要雜工或承包商進行的大規模維修必須由適當的服務公司進行。

    • 我們還將密封老鼠和老鼠的常見接入點,例如家中櫥櫃下方的管道接入點,進入牆壁和空隙的公用設施線,空調線,爐灶位置後面的220v切口等。

    • 我們還將密封(如果需要)拱腹式通風孔,爬行空間通風孔,面板板等。請注意,我們正在密封位置以阻止囓齒動物。重要的是要注意,需要雜工,屋頂工,承包商的大型修理工作必須由適當的相關服務公司進行。

    • 我們還將檢查窗戶是否損壞,破損,門是否密封好或天氣狀況是否惡劣,並請您注意這些位置以進行進一步維修。

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  1. 所有垃圾堆,房屋周圍散落的垃圾和垃圾都需要清除。

  2. 所有垃圾桶,垃圾桶和垃圾箱都需要有貼身的蓋子,以防止垃圾暴露。

  3. 灌木和樹木需要妥善維護和修剪,以免接觸房屋的結構或屋頂。

  4. 存放的木材和木柴應與建築物至少相距25英尺,並且要離地面至少25英尺。

  5. 餵鳥器和寵物食品不得存放在室外。

  6. 如果您的房屋在外部恰好有過多的存儲物品,棚屋不是處於最惡劣的條件下,裡面有大量的存儲物品,則是穀倉,獨立的車庫等,因此必須對這些位置進行良好的春季清潔也一樣


有了常規的蟲害控製程序,包括帝王預防中心的囓齒動物控制,囓齒動物排除服務以及這些有用的衛生提示,您的家中將保持囓齒動物和其他害蟲的自由。皇家害蟲預防保證了我們的囓齒動物控制服務,否則我們將免費退還。立即與我們聯繫;我們友好的辦公室工作人員和技術人員僅需電話即可 386-956-9506。昆蟲學家Jonathan Stoddard已撰寫了上面列出的頁面內容,並受版權保護

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