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Imperial Pest Prevention has carved a niche as a distinguished termite treatment company in the pest control industry. Our expertise lies in offering comprehensive solutions tailored to combat and prevent termite infestations. Recognizing the severe damage that termites can inflict on properties, we employ various strategies to address and mitigate these threats.

Our approach to termite control is multifaceted and adaptable to each client's specific needs. We begin with a thorough infestation assessment and implement effective treatment methods. These methods include liquid treatments that create a protective barrier in the soil, preventing termites from penetrating the property. This is complemented by our Termite Bait Station treatments, which are strategically placed to attract and eliminate termites effectively.

Our Tent Fumigation Services offer a robust solution in cases of extensive termite presence. This involves encasing the property with a tent and administering a powerful fumigant that ensures the eradication of termites from every corner of the structure. Our Spot Treatments are highly effective for localized termite activity, targeting specific infestation areas for quick and efficient pest elimination.

Understanding the importance of long-term protection, we also specialize in full-perimeter treatments, creating a continuous barrier around the property for enduring termite prevention. Additionally, we offer Construction Pretreatments for new buildings, providing a preventive shield against future termite invasions right from the construction phase.

At Imperial Pest Prevention, we are dedicated to providing top-tier termite treatment services. Our team of experts is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to offer the most effective termite solutions, ensuring our clients' properties are safeguarded against the destructive impact of termites. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we stand as a reliable partner for all termite-related concerns.


白蟻屬於破壞木材的昆蟲類,它們以木材,紙製品或纖維素材料為食。 在佛羅里達州, 我們通常會發現三種不同類型的白蟻,它們是地下白蟻,乾木白蟻和濕木白蟻。白蟻每年給企業和房屋造成數十億美元的損失。白蟻對房主構成了巨大的威脅,其危害遠遠超過龍捲風,閃電,火災和颶風。據估計,地球上每個人可能有1000磅的白蟻!這些只是保護您的財產免受地下白蟻, 枯木白蟻及其造成的損害的次要原因。多年來, 帝王防蟲協會採用了技術最先進的地下和枯木白蟻處理技術,同時在害蟲防治行業提供最優質的服務和具有競爭力的價格。單擊我們的帝王預防害蟲YouTube上的此視頻 有關如何識別白蟻侵擾的信息的頁面



Subterranean termites come from the Isoptera insect order, which has lived on earth for millions of years. There are three forms of subterranean termites: workers, soldiers, and swarmers. Each of these forms, ' castes,' has specific characteristics. Subterranean termites construct mud tubes known as shelter tubes or tunnels. Subterranean Termites require constant earth contact and build these" Mud Tubes" to shelter themselves from predators and create a highway to food sources they feed. The Subterranean termite is called subterranean because it lives underground;

地下白蟻來自等翅目昆蟲綱,該昆蟲綱已經在地球上生活了數百萬年。地下白蟻有三種形式:工人,士兵和蜂群。這些種姓(種姓)都有各自的特點。地下白蟻構造了泥管,也稱為掩蔽管或隧道。地下白蟻需要不斷與地球接觸,並建造這些“泥管”以躲避捕食者的襲擊,並建立通向它們賴以覓食的食物來源的高速公路。 地下白蟻之所以稱其為地下,是因為它生活在地下。地下殖民地可以包含數百萬個數字;因此,地下白蟻是最具破壞性的白蟻物種。白蟻是一種非睡眠恆能量源。他們將每週7天,一天24小時持續進食,並且一年中的所有365天都用不停的顎來不停地快速迅速地破壞木材。如果不及時治療,地下白蟻將對房屋造成大規模破壞,直至房屋結構化,最終導致昂貴的維修費用。如果您懷疑有白蟻出沒或周圍有昆蟲,最好聯繫諸如Empire Pest Prevention(386)或956-9506的我們這樣害蟲控制專家以便我們進行WDO檢查並討論 地下白蟻處理選項。

Drywood Termites

Drywood termites, wood-destroying insects, generally live, feed, and nest in wood containing deficient moisture levels. Drywood Termites do not require earth contact as Subterranean termites do. In Florida, we are in a very humid state.


Because of this, undamaged wood like that in your home contains a moisture content to a certain degree. This amount of moisture is enough for drywood termites to pull a food and moisture source, resulting in them thriving.

A byproduct of Drywood Termites feeding is fecal pellets known as frass. Frass is small 6-sided concave pellets resembling coffee grounds and is extremely hard. These small pellets are usually how a homeowner finds out that Drywood Termites feed on their home. Often, a homeowner sees them in a neat little pile and cleans or vacuums them up, only to find them quickly return.


 If you suspect a termite infestation or see insects around, it is best to contact a pest control specialist like Imperial Pest Prevention; call us at (386) 956-9506 so we can perform a WDO Inspection and discuss Drywood termite treatment options. Since Drywood Termites do not require ground contact, they have also been known to infest furniture. Many documented cases exist, especially with antique collectors who buy a secondhand piece of furniture to discover later that it had Drywood Termites. Drywood termites will not discriminate against any wood, contrary to many people's beliefs. They will readily consume timbers, framing, flooring, and other types of woodwork in buildings and furniture.


If you notice any possible signs of termites, we recommend you contact us at (386) 956-9506, so we can evaluate what you may be seeing. Drywood Termite treatments can be as simple as a spot treatment and as severe as needing a tent fumigation specialist. To see treatment options, please click this link for Termite Treatment Options.


作為房主,財產所有人或房客,白蟻一詞可能令人恐懼。 白蟻是隱藏的驅逐艦,需要諸如帝國害蟲預防協會等害蟲專業人士的幫助。由於白蟻是隱藏的,很可能看不見,所以它們可能會在不知不覺中造成廣泛,昂貴的破壞。忽視可能的白蟻侵擾的症狀可能對您的家有害。這些防止白蟻的房主提示有助於減少您家中白蟻遭遇的機率。







那些有壁爐或火坑的人傾向於將木柴存放在房屋附近或附近。 Woodpiles是庇護昆蟲和白蟻的絕佳地點。存放的木材應與家保持至少25英尺的距離,並且應遠離地面。




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